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Are you getting enough SLEEP????

I write this piece because many people lack sleep and do not function properly because of lack of sleep. Your body needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to be alert and ready to go the next morning. Lack of sleep can contribute to added stress in your life and making logical decisions and misses with your circadian rhythm of sleep for your body. In order to get proper sleep, here are some tips to look to changing your sleeping pattern for the better:

1. Establish a proper bedtime schedule

2. Take distractions from your bedroom and off your bed as well. Things such as cell phones, TVs, books etc.

3. Do not eat at least two hours before bedtime. Food cannot process properly when your body is winding down and going into rest mode.

4. Avoid stimulant type foods and drinks such as caffeine, chocolate or energy drinks.

5. This is the perfect time to meditate to get into rest mode. Turn the lights off and focus on breathing and freeing/relaxing your mind.

6. Make sure the temperature in your bedroom is comfortable so you can rest completely.


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