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Depression and Exercise

Have you ever been diagnosed with depression? Have you been feeling not yourself? Have you seen your doctor regarding your feelings? If you answer yes to all the above question, you probably know that you suffer from some depression or anxiety disorder. Do not let that change your outlook on life! I want to tell you that you can push through this and still be healthier than ever as long as you take the proper step to getting treatment and changing some daily habits to get you moving in the right direction. Believe it or not, exercise is being linked to balancing and decreasing the risk of depression. Depression is one of the most common mental illness in the United States. There are many individuals go untreated and do not seek medical help for extended periods of time. There are many different types of depression diagnosis according to ADAA ( These depression and anxiety disorders are considered treatable and manageable to live a healthy life with the right medicine therapy and physical activity. When it comes to physical activity, it has a positive effect on depression along with the chronic disease. Physical activity decreases the risk of heart disease, improve sleep and relieve stress, but it is a great tool for treating depression. Exercise is compared to an antidepressant drug that can decrease episodes of depression. However as always exercise along will not treat depression, but it can be used in conjunction with medical therapy. Exercise along improves brain function, oxygen flow through the body and makes you feel good. It decreases stress and improves sleep patterns. Exercising daily can give relief to chronic diseases and depression disorders. Furthermore, the problem of depression and the missing link with exercise is getting individuals to start exercising to feel better. Depression has a negative effect on the body (mentally, emotionally and physically) which can interfere with eating, sleep, social, and stress habits. To get started with exercise, spend around 15 to 20 mins a day doing a physical activity you enjoy. Exercises that you can start with can be 1. Jogging 2. Walking 3. Biking 4. Hiking 5. Swimming 6. Playing a Sport (i.e., Tennis) 7. Dancing Try these activities for a while and see how it affects you physically, mentally and socially! Continue to focus on getting healthy and gaining your self-esteem again along with social health.

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