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You vs. DIET

Every day we are faced with the easy access to unhealthy foods. I am willing to bet that you can walk to your kitchen and pull out a bag of chips, a cookie (regardless if it's sugar-free) lol, chocolate covered something or another that gives you comfort. How about the constant thinking of something sweet, something salty, or something fried? It is hard to keep yourself motivated for health when your diet is getting in the way. I am here to tell you, DO NOT let your diet/nutrition be your pitfall. Here are some simple tips for getting those nasty, unhealthy thoughts out of your mind! 1. Drink more Water! Drinking more water will give your body the fuel it needs to keep you feeling full and continue to keep busy with something in your hands 2. When you are out at social events, try picking the water option. However, if you reach for the wine, always get the red! But limit yourself to one glass. With foods, always pick the veggies and fruit. Stay away from the fried, saucy or carb filled foods. But don’t feel guilty if you reach for something, having self-control on what you eat is key. 3. The RESTAURANT SCENE!! When you go out with friends and family, we all want to indulge is delicious comfort foods. BEFORE you leave the house, see if you can access the menu online to view their food options so you can have a better idea of what can fit into your diet. That will cut down on confusion and picking wrong when you arrive at the restaurant! Secondly DO NOT accept the bread of any kind, have the waiter to hold the bread but fill the water. When the meal comes, portion out your food and box the other half for later! This will keep you for overeating! ALWAYS skip the DESSERT! 4. Grocery Shopping! Write out your list of items before going into the store. Another tip, DO NOT go to the store hungry, this will cause you to have a breakdown and go crazy for junk! Carry water with you while you shop! Finally, SHOP THE EXTERIOR WALL OF THE GROCERY STORE. All your essentials are housed! Have fun with your diet and don’t get stuck in a state of boredom!